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tv   Entertainment Commission 12616  SFGTV  December 20, 2016 7:30am-9:01am PST

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worse you maintained focus and commitment to that and we are going to miss that and i know many of us will give our commitment to you to continue to work with you and continue to carry on the things you fought for he but want to give you my personal commitment to continue to work on that hopefully with you in your third act and just on behalf of the board thank you so much for your service, for your mentorship and it has been a honor to serve with you. >> i have to begin by thanking everybody who came, most who are not here any longer. the things that were said tonight were just amazing and my gratitude is unending. i will just-in my notes it is farther down i want to recognize my husband george who is
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here. george, wave. [applause]. and my-the two most adorable babies was my daughter emily and louisa and evan [inaudible] their baby boy so that is what i am going to do and i'm extremely grateful to have them and have a liltal more time to respond with them. um, so i do want say these things. i want to thank the people of san francisco. i really love san francisco and i was interested to hear ben say that and talk about margaret and i. george and i came here in 1969 after graduated from call squj people asked me why did you come here and my answer was it was 1969, everybody came here. we were just smart enough never to
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leave and yes, occasionally i wore flowers enmy hair. eerfbenarve 48 years oof being here every time i come home to the city whether driving from sacramento which i have done a lot or coming from the airport from where i have come often on behalf of the school district, i see the city and breathe the air and feel so lucky to live here. having had the extraordinary honor be elected 6 times by the people to represent them is just expotentially better than that. all this has been something completely unspected and it would be [inaudible] to have this great opportunity. so, i wanted to say something about the people who mentor me and some were here tonight, a few still are. before i was on the board and i know some of you
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know this, but i attended pretty much every school board meeting before is was elect today the board for about 8 years so it has been over 30 years that i have come and tonight when i was driving here i was thinking i don't have to do thij anymore, i don't have to come here at noithd. my car has to learn a new route on automatic pilot. but, there were people and i appreciated especially what matte said because there are people who taught me about the school district and public education. some of them were my childrens principles. i a parent in the school district and as you heard someone's who's professional career was in the theater, there were administrators in the school district. there were two people my childrens prinple [inaudible] some of the people who first got me involved at the
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district level with mary bird and [inaudible] avy doll was a minuteer and [inaudible] were the only two people i xoe. this is how you know a old timer in san francisco, they called the school district the school department. [laughter ]. there were the parents who came before me. here in the room were the three presidents the erparents lobby had, ellen [inaudible] and me. elchb outside i was introducing before and she pointed and said jill was our only success fwauz the parent lobby was organized as a political organization so the parents could be involved in school politics, not be the pta where they always said we cant do that t is too
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political. their goal is get parents elected to the board of education because there were now parents on the school board at that time in the 80's. i wanted to say express thanks to the all the superintendent i have known. the first one not on the board but if i have gotten elected in 1990 he would have still been the superintenedant and that was rick orteens. i was happy to see him last year leading los angeles unified for the second time. i'll give a little thanks to bill rojas and what was said when i got elected there was a sense-when he was leaving there is a sense we finally won and that site was about edison and tore. we
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fought for the for property charter for years kwr three people lost their seats on the board of education. but there were good things that came out of that time too. one is that we were wrun of the first urban school districts in the country that collected data and longitudeinally and looking at it and disaggregating it by ethnicity and did that partly because the court order required it but continued to do it even though we didn't have to and continued to commit ourselves. when new superintenedant came in and those days they said we ought to look at data, wree like we have that down, let's go to the next thing. we'll build on that. i do want to say i believe most of you heard me say the strength of our school district besides our extraordinary commitment to equity and diversity is that we do not
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throw away what we did before that was good. every time we had a new superintendent come whether interim or permanent we said to them, we dont want to do over. what we want is for you to tell us what you think of what we have done. what are our strengths and weaknesses. this is where we think we are squaeck tell us what you think we should do and some cases it wasn't a question when we were weak because when arlean acerman came there was a bill passed to give more fiscal oversight because we had no openness about our budgeting at all and we fought-we were over spending but it turned out it wasn't as bad as we thought we just had no way of knowing where the money was and how it should be spent. i give a shout out to him and want to thank linda daibs davis
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and gwen chan. i want to say something about arlean acerman who i think none of us really never talk about the things what we have. the road on which she put us. the first thing is we partly hired her because she was a champion of the way student formula and budgeting because she had been on designing that system in seattle and brought it to washington dc but we said to her, it isn't enough to distribute the money based on the characteristic ozf the students, we want to do that but what we want because this is san francisco isthality that we want schools to make their own budget decisions. we want this to be up to parents and teachers and student and community representatives and we have that system today and that is because of her. in addition to that, we did and somebody made reference to
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it i think margaret but nobody else cares about that anymore but we instituted the star system, one of the first intervention programs and we had a number of support in intervention programs for low performing schools that built on previous ones and that's characteristic of what i say about the style we use is we never said, there is nothing good about that, that didn't work and won't do that anymore. we always assess what was working, put that into the new system and said, what is the next thing we can do to make it better. that system in my view and we stim have some of that and had tension about whether we want to keep the parent liaison or put money in the multiteared system of support, a little bit of what i characterized as apenedulum singing between top down and and bottom up and i'm on the
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bottom up side. compared to everybody else, but i think that that system we put ipplace was about schools tells us what they thought they needed to address those persistent issues, not about people in the central office saying this is the way to do it. that's tough for some people to believe and to put trust in those schools. at the-we were talk about this now, but when [inaudible] we and gwen were at the public education leadership project as harvard and we had tension and think a lot was between us and the group from chicago led by the recently departed secretary of education about whether we should differentiate in school autoomy and there was a lot of people who believe only schools that do well should make or emergency their own
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decisions rchlt schools that do poorly all the decisions should be made centrally. we dont believe in that and think we have evidence you build capacity by providing the same support and more support for the learning and the decision making in all schools. that it isn't those that have a easy time that should have more authority, it is everybody that should have that authority. and then i'm happy to say i played a role bridging arlean and carlos garcia here and he had been-i had known him before i was on the board president of parent lobby and he was a prez dent of [inaudible] and knew him through the council and quh it was time to find a new superintendent i called him up and said i think this is the time for you to come here. so, i do want to thank you richard and
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mion. those are the superintendents i worked with. i agree with everybody else that you look good there. i think all most all these people who's names i read would be proud of you as i am. i want to thank you all the staff people in the school dist rict. the teachers and principles and classified workers and everybody in sth central office who helped me so much when i came pain in front of you i would always say, we are not the school district, they are the school district. it is the people who do the work who are the school district. we are here for them. they are here for the students. so, i also want ed to mention because i want tie something about this, i want to
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give a little credit to people who taught me how to be a lobbyist. i think it is very important and it was so interesting to learn this and those people include sally brun who none of you know but once was a lobbyist for the school district and vernon billie and many other people. i wanted to-there was a man named ron pres caught a lobbyist for the los angeles unified school district . he had been a administrator in la unified many years before he became the lobbyist and dean of all education lobbyist probably in the country, certainly in sacramento and heeured vernon billie to advocate for public education and tault him how to do that work. he applied for the superintendency here
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and applied when they hired bill rojas and told me this is the only job he would ever apply for because this was the only urban school district in the country as far as he was crned do the things that everybody wants to do, where all the pieces were there. i think a lot more the pieces are here now or hope they are including the financial ones. but want i want to thank the parents . i came to the berd in 1992 and in when i lost compaining on elect a parent platform and parents have to have support. there has to be infrastructure for parents. we have to put money-in those bay days people didn't talk about that but there has to be investment helping parents to be involved, to be in charge in
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schools because it doesn't happen by magic. so, all the parents some of whom you heard tonight thrks community leadjures especially the students. those student who always make me crirex the rotc cadets which is why i'm so faithful to them in large part. when michele was mock u talking i wanted to say that is why woo do this work. and all the kid. the kidsthen classrooms the ones who let me come to read for them for 24 years and the ones who told me that their homework and math lesson and their cats and dogs and aerfck everything and parent and bruckters and sisters. i have one more thank you i want to make which is the most important one because you cant do the work without it and that is to
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[inaudible] a few years ago a member of the board complained eser and i were too close and my answer-it was 4 years ago and said if you worked with someone every day for fwent years and you are not friends with them something is wrong with you and especially true if that person is ester. thank you. so, i won't make a list of all the things i have dunl because you heard all that. but i want-i will end instead asking for a little consideration and no surprise to anyone here give you a little advice. i know i don't need to ask for you to remain committed to our mission of social justice and diversity and working for every child because especially those that need
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more. especially considering where our country is going, i think-i have been thinking about the wall we want to build isn't on the southern boarder of california but on the eastern boarder. but i really think it is more putting our arms around the students and the communities in our state because we have to take care of each other because nobody out there in the country is going to take care orphus. so, i am asking for this consideration. one, please follow up on our work about the arts center. i am so happy we have been working oon this for 30 years, right? i should tell you which most don't know that when i first met ruth [inaudible] we had a
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disagroument. one of the ingathize we disagrud on is whether the stood scool of the art is stand alone school or part orphmac tear high school and the reason we had that argument is that i actually was a student at the high school of performing arts in new york for a year and left the school because it academics there were so terrible you had to decide when you were 14 that you would be a theater professional and not go to college because you couldn't really get the academic framing you needed and i was more interested in the academics, i just enjoyed the theater work. and it was that experience that made me think students need this academic opportunity. you can't separate it out at that young a age. and i lost that argument and
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actually later i had a lot to do with arlean and others about that when we-it was clear we had to close mac tear and move the school back up there so came back to the same plac. in the mean time the school had grown and become much more academicly standards quite a lot. but, however, over time we became close and i know that you know this because when we change the name hof it school 4 or fiver years ago now, while ruth was still alive, it took 20 years to talk her into letting us name the school after her. the reason is she never thought it would be perfeath enough for her. she wanted it to be better. we could disagree but what better meant. finally when she very ill and
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bedridden and told her you have to trust us. you have to trust us to guard your legacy and make sure the school is good enough and we promised to work to get this school the kind of facility it need and please trust us because i will do that. so, actually i will-later time i would like to still be involved in that project so offering to help raise the private dollars but also be involved in whauv whatever way possible. plus, i think it is important for the city. it is so the thing that we need. we promised our students and community and the art community. i promised ruth and i want to do that so hope you will remain committed to that. second, and already asked commissioner mu
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rase to take the lead but hope you will recommit of the after school for all policy. i don't know if you remember but kevin said to me and maybe all of us, i don't remember at a meeting here that some commissioner when they want to do something they just drop it on you, the policy and you are scrambling and nobody knows how to do anything. some are very slow, that is me. they take a year and a half of consultation before the policy comes before the board. i was talking about this after school for all policy for 20 years before i brought it to the board. because there wasn't much support. people did want believe we could do this and provide after school programs for every kid in every school at their own school if they wanted and needed it, which by the way they do in every other first world country. and
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the work has been going great, but it is slow. we have things we have done really well at merging programs. i'll take a second to tell a story. emily isn't here but louis as birthday bart party two weeks ago there was somebody there with her kids. a birch of friends from high school and college and one the girls in high school has 3 daughters and live in park merced and went to alvarado. she said my kids go to lowell everett and alvarado. it is like-i said how is the after school program at alvarado, a school we had a bumpy time with getting a single provider there. she was the perfect person to ask. she had the perfect story. her two oler kids went to the tuition based program. she
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was married then. she felt nuvs the programs were bifurcated, poor kid went to this program and middle class kids went to this program. then she got divorced and when it is time for her third kid to go to after school, she went to the xl prom program because she was eligible for subsidized care and felt terrible about that. she know because sisters were on the other side there was a sigma attached to that. then we had last year, the year that we merged them and said that was rocky getting them together but now is working really well and all of those issues not only in the after school program but the way that has sort of slopped over into the school, it way that kids were divided over that that they were sigmaatized has gone
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away. all most all the elementary schools, woo we have a few more to settle on a single provider and done away with the waiting list. you have seen this in the report but don't have the singling online registration. we don't is a sliding scale. we know that the budget team is be-we have up in the air funding with the new xl programs and dont know how it will work. i and you to look at this. i'll finish. this is my advice, i hope as clinedly as i can say this, i ask you all to please step up and please try to preserve and enhance our influence in our state and national organizations. i do think there is a dynamic in aerfb group. some of it is i have been here longer than everybody else. we do that a lot
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on the board. i'm the after school person and this is special ed person, that is great so we support all that. i like this work and i have done it a long time and think i have been good at it and successful, but isn't enough. it is never enough for one person doing most the work and i won't be here doing this but i invested a lot as many other people in making sure that we had what we think is the proper influence that we should have in these organizations and it will take work to do that especially with the administration we are about to have in washington. so, i'm asking you to go to csba and nsba. i know you will find them sunservative and narrow in their point of view, i agree with that. the answer is you have to change
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them and you have show up to change them because nobody listens to people who dont show up. we can do that, we can stay home. you can stay home and say i don't like nsba but they will never change, they will get worse. the last thing i ask you to do is this, be cor ages and speak out against the privateization. we will have a secretary of education dedicated to dismantling the public school system. she will be the first secretary who never ateneded or had a child in a public school. so, it isn't good enough to be wishy-washy about priveatizing schools. it isn't good enough to say you know, these charter schools we know are terrible are some of the parents like them and we should do them. if we do that, in the
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current atmosphere and what is coming at the public school system it will be the end of it public school system. there are people in power dedicated to ending the public kool school system in america. i am asking you to type because that's what it will take. last i'll say thank you very much for this opportunity. it has been a honor of my life. thank you.
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>> okay. again, we want to extend our appreciation and gratitude to both commissioner wynns and commissioner fewer and thank everyone who joined us for the celebration and recognition during the board meeting and preceding. i will continue with our agenda. item number c, recognition and resolutions of commendation. superintendent lee. >> thank you president haney. so, our first resolution of commendation is in recognition of mr. coachy sawno from abraham lincoln high school and he is the recipient of the elgon hines
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outstanding teacher award and presenting this commendation is missioner mu rase >> this is national award recognizing teachers who further understanding befween marijuanas and japanese. the award is presented to two high school teachers and consists of a certificate, $2500 prize and $5 thousand in project funds. just a word about elgon hines he taught in sfu sd for 40 years so he was born in china in 1913, he is a graduate ofu c berkeley with degree in philosophy and public speak and earned graduate in history from san francisco state. this award goes to japanese teacher throughout the country in north carolina and alaska, new york and this year it wnt to our very own mr.
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coachy sawno at lincoln high school. congratulations. [applause] >> thank you so very much for
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your kind words. i'm very honored, humbleed and hope qu can live up to the rep utation of this award and served as a remeender there is always room for improvement in every that i do. the award would not have been possible without the support and inperspuration of the people i work with. i like to thank you my current and previous administrator, one of whom is here, mrs. gwen chan who hired me 25 years ago without credential. she took a great chance on me and here i am. thank you mrs. chan. um, i also like to thank committee members, dedicated parents and colleagues in particular my language department teachers who all deserve
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special recognition for their hard work. most important to me i like to thank my students presence and past. they are the best part of my job, bar none. i wouldn't stantd here today if it were not for them. this is their award too. i thank them for their willingness to build relaigdsships with me and among themselves for their enthuseium to take on rigorousachydemic work, for respecting me and each other and inspiring to be the best teachier can be and all the fond memories that we share. i will treasure them for the rest of my life. thanks to them, i think i'm the happiest luckiest teacher alive today. i would also like to thank the board for your continued support for our japanese programs throughout the district and for inviting me here tonight.
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[speaking japanese] thank you and happy holidays. >> our next honoree is commanding officer phillip para from the san francisco police department and to present this commendation is chief of studen family community support, mr. ceben truet. >> good evening. i'll be brief because it is late and i know the back of the room is very afraid what i might say. i will be very brief. as you know, for 4 years ago supervisor norman yee former board president called me and wanted to inquire about our crossing guard program which we don't have for
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just some information-crossing guards in san francisco are employed by sfta, we do not employ crossing guards. so, but we wanted to reinstitute and reimagine our pedestrian safety or pupil crossing guards safety patrol program so started that 4 years ago. we didn't have one, and build one and main one anded how we do this and started amcommodore slote and sfpd played a incredible role training hundreds of student and dozens of staff. i have a lot of statistics here but will save that because in the interest of time sarge rnt para has been here for hours kwr hours and arrived before 5 o'clock todayment sal will say a litdal little more but the patrol program is important.
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anyone who dropped off the kids or picked them off before school you know safety at pick up and drop off can be very disy at schools so this program is like 15 schools right now and growing every semester and we couldn't do it without the training of sfpd because it isn't just about these kids bowing out there in frupt but they need to know the safety procaution and model that so it is a great program and sal, why dont you-sal does all the work now. >> thank you. i want to thank ceben and supervisor yee for having the opportunity and funding to have the program for students. i want to recognize phil para he is a true team community builder. it is very hard for the schedule. he does it all by him self. i did the math and think
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he has done over 300 students throughout the 3 years. does it by himself with the help of his unit and just the impact that it has at our schools is remarkable. the student learn traffic safety 101, safety, how to be a peer and leader and talking about 5th graders and 4th graders learning these tools you need to walk in our city. i really want to take the time and thank you phil for being here 5 hours i believe today. wow! thank you. you should get a metal for that. i'll give you my watch later. thank you phil. this is a very least i can do and i know i want to save a piece for the students. the student have been ingainled with the safety patrol program. just on the bottom of my heart, thanks a lot phil for
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everything. [applause] >> we want [inaudible] i just want to say quh i was in elementary school and was part of a program at my school and had 50 patrol guards and in the program i grew as a leader and had a fun time as well. now at lowell high school [no audio] >> grew up to hopefully also
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come back and do the same work or eeben like them wanted to be [inaudible] see the work they can do within the community. you have grown up in the city for so long and pback-i'm jealous of your work because of instead of going school-go to time to [inaudible] bother and see the videos. it is like so adorable and knowing our students are having such a good role model in the schools. i'm happy this impact and it is positive and done and we want to buy you are a cup of coffee for staying so long and your long work. a gift card for coffee. [inaudible] just love coffee in general. i'm trying to say
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[inaudible] [no audio] >> i'll be real brief. it is late. been with the san francisco police department 22 years. i was born and raised in san francisco and always tried to gib 100 percent to the
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residents of san francisco. this whole thing takes a team to do, it can't just be me. it takes students and teachers and sal. sal is invaluable to the program. and then it takeathize officers at the trafic company where i work. all the motorcycle officers that go to had schools and check on the program and see how it is going when it first starts usually. i'm just honored and grateful to get this award. thank you. [applause] >> i would also like to say to sergeant tera [inaudible] i know how dangerous the job is. in my district 4
8:11 am
elementary schools had the program and been out to see if it is wonderful and the school appreciates it and it kids love it. as a commissioner on the school board i really love the way parents a ribl to not triple park or double park or drop kids off on the opposite side of the street and have the kids run across the street. yee heard of many times children have been in accident on the drop off because they are so anxious to get to school. this is such a gift to parent too. other young person in the car too and a student greet them and is able to take their child into the school yard so they dont have to get out of the car with their other children to bring the children it r enit is gift to parents too. every admin stairt says they cannot do this without the cooperation och san francisco police department and sal of course. i want to say
8:12 am
thank you. thank frz your service. my husband-my brother in lawerize police officer jz my husband was a cop 35 years. i know that is a hard job so i just want to say thank you. as a 4th generation san franciscan i just think it is great that you are raised in san francisco and you are still here and still serving us and thanks so much. >> thank you for waiting so long, we appreciate you. thank you. alright. moving on itoom d studen delegates report. waited very late and have finals. >> so, ile [inaudible] high . the report back is [inaudible] i
8:13 am
have taken the project i guess. on the developing a resolution for documenting students and looking forward to meet with all the xhishz commissioners. met with m att haney [inaudible] work wg student across sfu sd is great hearing their stories and how very impactful it is for them, but also how hopeful they see this and be a student voice so looking forward to getting feedback from the district and also the community. next, yesterday we had i guess like sac meeting for 2016 and judy sanchez came to get advice and feed 37 back from the student on how to get better feedback from student about the lurches
8:14 am
and how to improve them and asked how the lurps are going and what we would like to see improvements and the programs are running and also like the collaboration with her on getting a student advisory committee regarding students voice and engagement on nutrition so look frgward to see these more. >> some other things that came up yesterday was a organization non-profit called beyond deaf rinses presented and dedicated towards ending social isolation in schools so people in the organization is student led go to middle schools and give different presentations and talk to middle school students about these problems. we were asked to establish a chapter in srf because there is no none right now and several signed up. the health committee the last time i spoke
8:15 am
about this was when it was starting so it was fill a students heart project and we have actually raised past the goal. we sold 150 shirts and raised over $2 thousand for san francisco homeless youth and it is still open so definitely contribute if you have money. rks with ww.booster.asc com/fasa. we hope you can donate. you can use it as a holidayprint or for yourself. finally just reminor we have the youth summit on friday march 17 from 930 to 230. you can talk to had fac coordinate sal and something special is that commissioner fewer and then supervisor fewer, will be our keynote speaker and so it will be very exciting, so please consider
8:16 am
attending and we hope to see you there. it will be on march 17th, friday. >> save that on your calendar. our next meeting is monday january 9 at 5 p.m. it is public council meeting so everyone can come and if you like to come get in contact with our sac coordinator sal and happy holidays to everyone, be safe and wish you guys the best with your families. spend it warm and definitely contribute to this and it is open till tomorrow at 9 i believe so it is a really good cause. if you really sat down and hear students stories it goes to a really good program. thank you again and have a nice christmas and holiday and new years. thank you.
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>> thank you. advisory appointments from board members. none. item e, advisory committee report. report from parent advisory council. then we'll do general public comment immediately after this. >> good evening president, superintendent and commissioners, i'm [inaudible] i have three children at car michael elementary. >> good evening, my name is georgia williams [inaudible] the role
8:18 am
is bring parent voices and perspective to inform board discussionism tonight is a very brief report but we would like to take a moment to express gratitude for fewer and wynns for many years of service on behalf of san francisco unified school district families and studsant. both strultal establishing the parent advisory council and had very distinth roles at the time. commissioner fewer, you were a organizer and parent activist and community voice rallying from the outside to make sure parents had a way to inform board discussions while commissioner wynns was one of the original authors of the resolution that brought the advise rea council to be in in 2003. you both recognize the importance family engagement plays in supporting student success and there was a need for a formal process to bring parent voice tooz help
8:19 am
inform your discussion and decision policies. in your own right commissioner fewer you have a fierce advocate for under served communities and communities-insuring communities of under represented voices help shape and inform policy discus and positions and programs. to maim a new, restoreative practice, ethnic studies and change for high school graduation requirements. commissioner wynns is a incredible [inaudible] chairing policies from the state level and national level to help guide and inform local decisions here. also advocating for public resources to remain in the public sectorf this is more important as ever as public institutions and resources are increasingly being priveatized. we appreciate your commit dedication and advocacy on behalf of students
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and families, thank you for your contributions throughout the years. >> commissioners, [inaudible] pac members participated on the graduation tachck force to support the implementation of the graduation requirements which took effect with the class of 2014. as a part of this advisory body pac members helped identify short and long term goal frz the task force, hourfck this body dissolved [inaudible] to the board of education or district members leaders. one shortd term goal is the concept of a rks-g report cards for parents to inform-monitor their students progress. while the task force discontinued the pac remained in communication with district staff to support the development of this idea.
8:21 am
recently, the pac learned next sumest rb transcript said are mailed to all high school families to if form about the a-g statds. the status is not a report card t is step in the right direction to keep families informed and to improve communication. in addition, 2017 and 18 both students and parent will have online access to student transcripts through the student information system senergy while it develops a a-g report card as a longer term strategy to communicate through progression. membererize committed to identify and building upon mechanism structure jz systems to improve and promote better home to school communication and believe the a-g report card will create a uniformed process to communicate with families
8:22 am
and student of their status, increase awareness about graduation requirements, empower families and students to monitor the progress and most of all foster home to school communication. the pac is a part the 201718 instructional calendar committee which is discussed sebroom potential changes for next year. parents for public schools have created a survey to gather input from families across the district to help inform decisions and minimize hardships for families and interruption of stud want learning thmpt parent advisory council encourage families to take the survey [inaudible] through friday december 16. available in english, chinese and spanish. the pac will meet with the leadership associate to provide input on the superintenedant search this wednesday
8:23 am
december 14th at our regular pac meeting. the pac realize many advisory are scheduled to meet during the day while parents have to work or pick up their children from school. for this reason, we extended a invitation to members of other adviseries to join our meeting to insure voices are captured and reflected in the community feedback. general commissioners the pac request district leadership consider the working family schedules coordinating session for such critical topics. thank you. >> thank you for that report. any questions or comments? thank you and thank you for your patience. >> i want to say thank you for calling that out bethe scheduling for parents and make it convenient for them and conscious of the time and scheduling so
8:24 am
thank you for bringing that out and think the board should note that for future conversation that we make sure that if we want to be truly inclusive we make it at a time convenient for parents to participate. >> thank you. without objection i'll going to move up item j public comment on general matters. thank everyone for their patience who is still here. this was an ausual board meeting for us and apologize for the getting to public comment so late. bernard [inaudible] dave clemens, jane luvel, ruth [inaudible] is and if there is anybody else i miss i have a lot of cards up here but those are the 4 names i have here. two minutes.
8:25 am
>> good eebening commissioners and supervisor elect. my name is bernard mia. my daughter was taken away from me on february 12 earlier this year. it was if you want to look at me-it was the most horrible day of my life. agents from child protective services took my daughter. not with my permission, not with my consent , but with the cooperation of sfu sd! and
8:26 am
>> he impacted the lives of children in powerful and meaningful ways. i have
8:27 am
two young daughters and understand the diligence parent have to keep their children safe. the matter at hand seems to have gone off track and been blown out of proportion. i sus poket those involved must realize that. i trust mr. phillip maricoseio completely. i can give countless ways he earned the trust. to that end i urge to allow mr. phillip to come back to the family so our community can begin to heal. as commissioner wins pointed out the teachererize it district and mr. phillip exempifys everything the district should be so urge the district to do the right thing. we had a lot of other parents that wanted to speak on behalf of mr. sfilp but had to get home to their families. thank you. >> thank you for the
8:28 am
opportunity to comment on the important issue that abey just raised. my name is jane luvel and parent of two student one at gratin elementary. i enjoyed the word of appreciation for the commissioners and want to stay i believe this is the type of fair well that mr. phillipmericoseio a dedicated teacher at gratin deservices, however he is placed on leave the majority the community feels is unjust. i hope all sfu sd officials regarding mr. maricoseio read each and every letter of support sent to guadalupe [inaudible] by parents and student. i dont know anyone rf b received response, my husband and i did not. i want to make sure all are aware was a positive resolution and hope to see mr. maricoseia back at gratin. i hope sfu sd practice td what it preaches
8:29 am
and engaged in and plans to engage in restoreative practice for those involved in the situation and are aware that it is a situation that i believe started as a misunderstanding and unfortunately quickly turned into what i believe is a witch hunt t. is negatively impacting not only mr. maricoseio but also his wonderful wife, a sthird grade teacher at gratin t. is negative impacted the students, my third grader cried today on the walk home about the situation. please know the majority of the gratin community requests sfu sd brings this one of a kine teercher back to his spectacular computer lab where he belongs so he can continue to teach our children how succeed here in the it capital of the world. he is missed by parent and student and need his bright rea
8:30 am
ray of sunshine. we have been aspatient and plight as possible and not sure how long that will pass. most everyone at the school is extremely upset. his holiday is ruin jz hope everyone is aware of the situation and resolved in a positive way. he is a outstanding person. thank you for your time. >> thank you. iletm f, public comment on consent items. none signed up. item g consent calendar. give a for summary pages for list of items. motion and second? >> move. >> second. >> there were so many moves, i couned that as a second. anyitements with draw orcorrected?
8:31 am
>> yes, mr. steel. >> thank you we do have a iletm with drawn and three items with drawn and corrections. first with drawn from consent calendar 3 a, 1612-13 w 14 on page 126. also being with drawn is 1612-13 k 23 on page 201. and 1612-13 k 8 on 71. correction to 3 a on page 117. change appropriation number at the end from 11846 to 11504 and delete wording, water remediation put back at the end of the appropriation line. 1612-k 31. top of page inshirt to
8:32 am
mend resolution 1611-k 47. >> any items removed for first reading by the board? any items severed for discussion and vote? thought jill might like one last one there. okay. roll call vote will take place under section o. we can revisit that if there is one she wants to-item h, superintendent prose poleal none tonight. i, none tonight. j we have done. k special order of business recollect public hearings and adoption. i call the public hearing and adaumgz of the following agreements, between the district and yunlted
8:33 am
administrators of san francisco between the educators of san francisco. between the district and international federation of professional and technical engineer local 21. public hearing will be for all 3 agreements but each agreement will receive a individual vote. can i have a plosion and second on the three agreements? >> so movaled. >> mr. superintendent. thank you. chief of labor relations carmelo [inaudible] will present the item. >> good evening. so, the first requested action is regarding the agreement between the district and united administrators of san francisco. the requested action is that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district conducts a public hearing and adopts agreement and related public disclosure documents.
8:34 am
>> any comments from the board of superintendent? thank you, roll call vote. separate on each agreement. >> you call each one-- >> okay. the second is the subject agreement bedween the district and united educators. the requested action is board of education conducts a public hearing and adopts the agreement and the related public disclosure documents. the third subject agroument between the district and international federation of professional and technical engineer local 21, the requested action is board of education of san francisco unified school district conducts public hearing and adopts agreement and related public disclosure documents. >> take individual onu asf.
8:35 am
mrs. fewer, yes. mendoza, yes. dr. mu rase, eye rchlt norton,i r. [inaudible] 6 aye. [roll call vote] 6 ayes. the last one is local 21. [roll call vote] 6 ayes. >> alright. can i have a motion and second to review and adoption
8:36 am
of annual and 5 year report refilated to correction and expenditure of developer fees. >> so moved. >> thank you president haney. presenting is chief facilities officer [inaudible] mr. david golden. >> thank you superintendent. i'll be brief, this is one of my more exciting reports of my tenure. the annually one in 5 year audit of collection of developer impacts fees which is required under the government code is something we do every single year. we need to retain an outside consultant, in this case it is a company called cooperative strategies out of southern california with mr. larry [inaudible] which is it same company by the
8:37 am
way that prepared our justification studies the last several years regarding the increasing of our fees . so, there is a formal action to be taken and previous to that action an audit was performed, notices posted in publications and in the board office there are legal #12e7s that need to be fallowed and you have been disstributed the report. it has been reformated this year and looks a tad bit more exciting than previous years but still doesn't provide the worlds more interesting reading so why mr. [inaudible] is here if you have questions. let me read you the action and want it go over backgrounds for about a minute. one is subject is review and adoption of 5 year
8:38 am
reporting relating to collection and expenditure of developer fee squz the action is the board of education och the san francisco unified school district review and adopt the geper impact fee anual and 5 year report for the fiscal year ending june 30, 2016. the attached reportidated relates to expenditure and developer fees prepared by cooperative strategies llc, a consultant with expertise and preparation of such reports. as just a tad of background, i like to say that currently it district has increased its developer impact fees to the highest rates allowable by law. we have done it twice in the last 18 months. we are at the maximum which is $3.48
8:39 am
cents per square foot. the other types of construction drop dramatically but in general we collect all we should at the highest rate we can. we had a banner year, the highest year in my tenure and collected over 12 and $12 and a half million dollars and we spnt over $12 million on 4 sex project related to growth programs and construction of new full sillties at 46 of the school sites. as of june 30, 2016, we had balance in the account of 37 and a $37 and a half million. seems like a lot. 10 million is the soda reserve
8:40 am
fund. 10 million of that going and will be paid out to the new clasroom building that we just completed this fall at lowell and have 14 million in plan frg a new classroom billing to replace modulars and provide a gym and use the funds to build a new classroom at steeben son and [inaudible] so, to the fullest extent possibly we are making use hof it fund and anticipating that potentially some of the funds may be used in the construction of new schools whether in mission bay and bayview. that concludes my report other than we hope this year will be a good year in the collection of those fees since it is critical to the needs in the district. my suspension it will be somewhat less than last year but still hopeful it will be robust. mr.
8:41 am
[inaudible] if you have questions you want to drill down on. i was expecting commissioners wins to aggressively question this, but maybe it she isn't here at the #340e789 moment so will turn it over to you. >> no questions. >> thank you. i can go get jill. >> thank you. [roll call vote] 6 ayes. can i have a motion and second for approval of san francisco unified
8:42 am
school district and county of education score cards single plan for studen achievement? >> so moved. >> superintent ent lee. presenting this item is dr. [inaudible] castro the director of state and federal programs. >> congratulations supervisor elect lee and commissioner wins for your years of service. i'm sorry, fewer. got lee in my head and wn with it. apologies. tonights specialorder of business pertains to score cards. balance score cards and student achievement
8:43 am
providing a blue print to improve academic performance [inaudible] performance indicator and outline the use of state and federal funding sources. the requested action is that the board of education and the san francisco unified school district approve the san francisco unified school district and san francisco county office. 2016-17 score cards for student achievement. >> comments from the board of superintendent? >> [roll call vote] 6 ayes.
8:44 am
>> can i have a motion and second adaungz of college readiness fwlauck grant. and >> moved and second. >> thank you. presenting this item is our executive director of college and career readiness, dr. stephen kauffman. >> good evening. last month exectesk director of post secondary success presented to you the college readiness block grant granted by the california department of education. this is just the action reest qued as required by the grant, the second reading or -the requested action is board of education of san francisco unified school district required by california
8:45 am
department of education adopt a readiness block grant between office of college and career readiness, office of counseling and post secondary success and san francisco unified school district school sites to insure sfu sd students are college and career ready. >> comments from the board of superintendent. >> [roll call vote] 6 ayes. >> thank you. iletm l, discussion of other educational issues. >> thank you president haney. so, this is a presentation and
8:46 am
presenting will be christina wong, special assistant to the superintendent and this is regarding our law plan progress and i'll turn it over to mrs. wong. >> thank you. good eebening commissioners. i do have a presentation for you tonight and you should have the slides in front of you and also our latest el program guide. al todays outcomes for the presentation is describe the purpose of the 2015-16 law report in connection to the
8:47 am
districts english learning system of support. share highlights of data by el pathway and also comparison to the state and also describe our next steps improving the districts el system of support. the anual lau report for english learners filed with the federal report and shared every october 1 is under the lau modifys decree of june 2016 and previous versions of the consent degree. our annual report includes 200 files covering demo graphic data, staching data, translation of key materials and guidelines and also provides data qu documentation of the effectbness of the districts el system of support. this is a visual of our system of support. it all starts with our school
8:48 am
leadership and also our secondary academic counseling. within thtwo decision at a particular school site folks are looking at self data, they are looking at other components of data related to their english learners, professional development and appropriate placement of our english learners into english language development courses by profeshancy. we also have it pathway teachers whether in general education or a language pathway insure thrg is provision of designated and integrated dld. third is student support service which is critical. we have student assistant programs that support and provide and discuss potential interventions as well as our student success teams. eept teams that consider language learning versus disability. high school
8:49 am
wellness centers and our of course all the school community partnerships. within the school buildings we also look at el family communication and engagement insuring those types of programs and services are available to el families particularly translation and interpretation and insuring there is a english learning advisory committee on site if there is 21 or more english learners. so, as we are moving from compliance to commitment, this is a timeline as we move towards ending the degree in fall 2018. last year we focused enhancing the services, this year we like to look ot at how we implement the processes and make immediate adjustments so we can continue to improve and refine the practice in 2017-18. based on
8:50 am
our data, 15-16 we had 57 languages in total. as in the last 8 years we spanish and cantonese are our larjest language groups, but we also have groups arabic, vietnamese, filipino, mandarin, also are increasing and we have the rest of the 11 percent includes the 50 plus languages. for english learners, about 15 thousand students. so, for percentage of el over this gives you a sense of where studentss who are in english learners with iep what type of pathway they are in whether english plus or a language path way and the different colors represent the different levels in our
8:51 am
district. from elementary to secondary. this is a percentage of el who gained pathway. color coded by the different levels and also the difference by lit raeg and emergz as well. this is a comparison graph between sfu sd and also state as well for california. comparing the 2016 ela literacy aspect results by classification. so, you can see here that from english only students if you look whether the light green or dark green those are student that met stander or at standard exceed. we are out performing the state as a
8:52 am
whole and english only and you can also see for also reclassified students and then our english learners as well. this is the 2016 results by classification and you can see a similar pattern in terms of our district perfornlance, compared to state performance. we wanted to take a closer look at how our students that were on the english language arts and literacy, those student who scored a standard met and above how did they perform by language compared to all of the state english learns which comprice 84 percent spanish speaking. why we do see the gap that is here between the
8:53 am
spanish speaking and cantonese eeb frn the spanish speaking they are deing better than the state el's within california. again, a similar pattern for the sbac results too. for percentage of all student who scored standard met and above we broke down by pathway since that is something we are closely monitoring rchlt you can see increasing when you kim pair 2015, 16 results to the 14-15. for the spanish pathway there is a slight degrease crease and similar pattern for math as well but for cantonese
8:54 am
there is a slight decrease. for reclassification by language pathway there was a decrease for all language groups so taking a closer look at why that is happening and really trying to better understand the services that are being provided and hope to see a increase in the next year but we did notice a decrease overall for all students no matter what path way they were in. we did take a look at a comparison looking at the state data what cdi provides and this is a snapshot which isn't the same in the previous slide. in this one you can see over the last 6 years the
8:55 am
percentage of reclassification in san francisco versus the state. there was a huge jump in 2012-13. that was a time when twee we did a lot of clean up and also really informed schools how to provide [inaudible] and provided a system of accountability to return forms and all of that and now we are seeing a steady flattening at 15 percent for the last three years. still, higher than the state percentages. graduation percentage by el classification, with the english only comparison between 2015-16 and 14-15. we see increase for each classification and a nice jump for english learners. this is
8:56 am
graduation percentage by el typology. we have 12 percent of our students were new comers graduate long term el 34 percent and developing el at 54 percent. so, we know this is a definitely the system of support for the english learners does need-always needs improvement and always looking how to provide more consistency and quality and services so these are the 4 areas we are focusing on for english language development. how -notice claer intervention for spanish and long term erk l. language pathway implement how to recruit and retain high quality bilongual staff, provide instruction necessary, materials and assessments. for
8:57 am
english learns with iep looking at insuring that rks l status assessment, services and appropriate goalerize always included. lastly for english family communication and engagement, really providing the tools and resources for sites when they are providing educational opportunities for their el families that they have the opportunity to share what the assessment and particularly what [inaudible] language development instruction and och course reclassification. i do want to take a moment to acknowledge all of the departments listed here that provided data, information records and contributed to over the 200 files and documents that we had that was
8:58 am
submitted to the court. thank you for your attention and that's all i have for tonight. >> thank you so much for that report. board members, commissioner mu rase. >> thrunk for that comprehensive report. i like a update on car michael and i know i continue to hear from community members that there are many english laj wn learners at that school but it had been reclassified as a fluff program and so we are missing some of these kids and not meeting the need and like to hear opidate on that.
8:59 am
>> betty car michael and longfoalo is transitioning a foreign language program. the program changed from a filipino biliteracy program to a snob nob the basic elements are still provided. a know a lot of bilingual teachers especially if they have filipino new comer stud want try to provide that primary language support so the stud want has access and that is above and beyond the language instruction they provide. >> thank you for your presentation mrs. wong. we saw some of it data and dedprees crease in reclassification and of course it is troubleling
9:00 am
since the data demonstrated we are decreasing in the lower grade so if we look at slides in terms of systems of support for our english learners, where do you see opportunity for acceleration and as we move forward and thinking about the opportunities for acceleration and opportunities for adequate staffing and particular schools in particular sites and particular classrooms, what do you envision in seeing how we can be helpful to make sure that happens? >> i believe that really looking deeply at our implementation of english language development throughout the day and providing teachers with that support. we are just starting that work and they are very aware of the new standards and working with teacher groups to be able to design and plan


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